JVC DLA-N5W 4K felbontású D-ILA projektor fehér

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A JVC DLA-N5B natív 4k projektora hamarosan megérkezik! A benne található 0,69 incses 4K egységek által Káprázatos színvilág, valódi feketék, és igazi fehérek mellett, elképesztő kontraszttal párosul a vetített kép. HDR10 és a HLG mind a tökéletességet biztosítja! Az "Auto Tone Mapping" folyamatosan pásztázza a műsoranyag sötét és világos tartalmát, így az adott film alatt, mindig a legoptimálisabb képet láthatjuk! Ezzel a kiváló projektorral, igazán kompromisszum mentes mozit varázsolhatunk otthonunkba, dedikált moziszobánkba!
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4K Native Resolution

Equipped with refined 0.69" native 4K D-ILA device and newly developed digital driver LSI for native 4K resolution.
D-ILA projectors continue to evolve for the better. The latest three models feature an original native 0.69" 4K D-ILA devices, which were first adopted on model DLA-Z1; this device has been improved with process refinements on planarization and reflection efficiency to achieve higher contrast and brightness. Additionally, a dedicated driver LSI was also enhanced to simultaneously drive each of the three (R/G/B) native 4K D-ILA devices at high-speed 120fps. As a result, precise and smooth image projection unique to 4K native can be achieved with the combination of a new device and new driver LSI.


High quality, all glass lens

All glass, high-resolution lens with full aluminium lens barrel
The DLA-NX9 is equipped with an 18-element, 16-group all-glass lens featuring a full aluminium lens barrel. In order to project high-resolution images to every corner of the screen with the 100 mm diameter lens offering wide lens shift of ±100% vertically and ±43% horizontally, the projector adopts five ED lenses that take into account differences in the R/G/B refractive index to reduce chromatic aberration and colour fringing when lens shift kicks in to deliver precise reproduction of 8K-resolution projection. The DLA-N7 and DLA-N5 models feature a 17-element, 15-group all glass lens with 65 mm diameter to project fully focused 4K native resolution to all corners of the screen.


High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Support for HDR (High Dynamic Range)
HDR (high dynamic range) content contains more data including an extended brightness range, 10-bit gradation and a wide BT.2020 colour gamut. For this reason, high basic performance is required for precise reproduction by the projector. With D-ILA projectors, HDR content are optimally reproduced with “high-brightness, high contrast, and wide gamut” to enjoy high quality HDR content as you’ve never experienced in the past. Moreover, in addition to HDR10 content, which is found on UHD Blu-ray Discs, the projector automatically detects the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) signal, a technology used widely in broadcasting, allowing the user to view it in an optimum picture mode.


Auto Tone Mapping

Automatic Adjustment with Auto Tone Mapping *5
The Auto Tone Mapping function featured on the latest models automatically adjusts each content based on the values in the mastering data, such as Max CLL and Max FALL*6, which indicate the brightness of the HDR content. Image quality is automatically adjusted for optimal viewing of various HDR images with different brightness.


Deep Blacks are realized by a High Native Contrast Ratio of 40,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio 400,000:1)
Compatible with HDR technology that dramatically improves image quality that rivals real life.
Exceptionally bright 1,800 lm means bright, high-resolution images
New 0.69 inch 4K D-ILA (4096 x 2160) device x 3
17-element, 15-group all-glass 65mm diameter high-quality lens
Compatible with Hybrid Log-Gamma that is expected to be used widely in future broadcasting
Installation Mode centrally manage nine settings related to installation to enjoy video best suited for each environment
Display the MaxCLL and MaxFALL mastering data available for HDR content on some UHD Blu-ray discs
Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings for optimum HDR10 image quality
For easy reproduction, the projector switches automatically to HDR picture mode when HDR10 signals are received
Colour Management System with 6-axis Matrix
Auto-Calibration Function using an optical sensor* is capable of optimizing essential elements in the image, including colour balance, gamma characteristics, colour space and colour tracking
Low Latency Mode suppresses display delay for faster response when receiving signals from PC and game consoles
Renewed Clear Motion Drive supporting 4K60P (4:4:4) signal improves moving images more than ever
Motion Enhance technology reduces residual images and blurring that are often found in fast-moving images by optimally controlling the drive of D-ILA devices
High-definition display at 4K resolution (4096 x 2160)
Multiple Pixel Control image processor accurately reproduces images closer to the original
*Exclusive JVC software installed in PC and optical sensor are required. Please visit the JVC website for details. **Professional calibration to desired screen is performed by trained dealers
ISF C3 (Certified Calibration Controls) mode** to reproduce excellent picture quality optimized for specific environments.
Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: RF (radio frequency) system transmission with PK-AG3 3D Glasses for 100H continuous operation and PK-EM2 3D Synchro Emitter
Nine settings of Installation Mode include Lens Control, Pixel Adjustment, Mask, Anamorphic on or off, Screen Adjust, Installation Style, Keystone, Pincushion, and Aspect; stored installation modes for various environments can be called up.






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