Pioneer S-62W aktív subwoofer

Márka: Pioneer

A termék ára: 179.900 Ft helyett 89.900 Ft /db

Az akció időtartama: 2019. 10. 01. - 2019. 10. 31. vagy amíg a készlet tart! -50%

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Add the Pioneer S-62W subwoofer to your speaker setup, and you will be surprised by the difference it makes, and be even more impressed by the performing piece. Designed with large 30 cm woofer, built-in Class D amplifier, and Pioneer’s Phase Control technology, the S-62W reproduces the low frequency sound with precise timing and volume, just as intended by the creator. The faithful delivery of clear and high-speed low frequencies gives new life to the movie sound track or music performance, conveying the realism and even the ambience from the playing content.


›› Bass-Reflex Floor Type
›› Maximum Effective Output Power (IEC): 200 W
›› Original Power Supply Unit with Low Noise and High Power
›› Built-in Class D Amplifier Featuring High-Efficiency, Wideband,and Highly-Precise Feedback Design
›› Large 30 cm High Linearity Cone Woofer Unit Delivers Clear Sound with Low Distortion
›› Phase Control

›› Frequency Response: 23-2000 Hz
›› Crossover Frequencies (Selectable): 50-200 Hz
›› Dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 490 x 387.5 cm
›› Weight: 13.3 kg
›› Power Consumption: 40 W
›› Power Consumption during Standby: 0.5 W
›› Power Requirement: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Original Power Supply Unit with Low Noise and High Power

The subwoofer features our newly developed switching-mode power supply with approximately just one hundredth noise compared to conventional power supply. This enables both low noise and high power, and brings out the best performance from the amplifier.


Amplifier with Enough Power to Handle Instantaneous High Volume

Class D amplifier with characteristics of high efficiency, wide frequency range, and high-precision feedback design is used for the amplifier unit. This allows plenty of power to reproduce scenes
requiring instantaneous high volume bass. Additionally, the high S/N ratio design (over 111 dB) constantly provides clear sound, so bass reproduction is enhanced without compromising the sound quality of the overall content.


High Linearity Large Woofer for Low-Distortion Clear Sound Even During High Amplitudes

The subwoofer comes with a large 30 cm woofer unit. The high linearity characteristic provides quality heavy bass with low distortion, even during high amplitudes for loud delivery.


Faithful Bass Reproduction with Phase Control

The subwoofer is developed based on Pioneer’s original Phase Control technology. In addition to a highly linear woofer unit, the subwoofer also has a low pass filter (LPF) with a bypassing function. This prevents the bass from lagging behind other speaker output, and offers richly nuanced heavy bass with superior transient response.



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