Polk Audio (32 találat)

Their love for music inspired them to design and build a loudspeaker that not only sounded better than what was available at the time, but was more practical. Focused on bringing concert quality sound into homes, the Monitor Series was introduced in 1972, forever changing the home audio paradigm and setting the standard for performance and value.

Polk Audio T 15 polc hangsugárzó59.990 Ft 39.990 Ft / pár

Polk Audio T 15 polc hangsugárzó

Polk Audio Signa S2 hangprojektor79.990 Ft / szett

Polk Audio Signa S2 hangprojektor

Polk Audio T 50 álló hangsugárzó119.990 Ft 89.800 Ft / pár

Polk Audio T 50 álló hangsugárzó